The problem:

After receiving regular compliments & a number of offers to buy his freshly refurbished classic mountain bike, Simon Stanforth decided to investigate the possibility of making a small run of reproduction units to feed the growing market of ‘retro’ bikes. The bike shops were interested enough to place orders, but all of the frame builders he approached would not quote without any 2D drawings or 3D models to interrogate. This is where we came in…

The complete bike was stripped down to bare frame & forks, then these were painstakingly measured & modelled in minute detail:
Followed by the front forks:
After completing the 2D manufacturing drawings, we rendered the complete assembly of the frame & forks for promotional purposes:
We performed this work back in 2013, allowing Simon to take the bike into production & forming Stanforth Bikes around it. The company is now a thriving business with a range of bikes for sale.

Client Feedback:


“The images and drawings are excellent and it’s been a pleasure working with you on this project. Thank you so much for the speedy turnaround and all your hard work.”


Simon Stanforth, Stanforth Bikes

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