Alexander Dennis
Superlo 500 EV conversion

The aim of this project was to convert two diesel double decker buses to full EV, in order to test a prototype driveline out in the field.

 This was carried out in the following steps:

1. Request full cad data package of bus & batteries

2. 3d laser scan the chassis’ & compare with received CAD within ADL’s supplied data package

Raw scan data

Deviation analysis, used to calculate system adjustability requirements

3. Dictate battery cartridge space envelopes, reinforce chassis, & weatherproof battery compartment

Adjustable chassis reinforcement and wheel arch liners

Wheel arch liners

FEA of reinforced chassis section

Structural reinforcement metal work installation process

Installed metal work

Finished battery compartment

4. Create battery cartridges with a simple installation/removal process

Battery stack and cassette frame

Cassette frame FEA

Cassette frame plus forklift tool

5. Provide project management for procurement & build, including on-site installation at both the testing & development HQ, & Millbrook proving ground. 

Completed CAD exploded assembly

Completed CAD model

Battery cassettes installed and wired

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