Catering Trailer

The problem:

With a brand-new 14ft trailer already in-hand, the client wanted to repurpose a bare-bones generic hotdog/burger trailer to cater purely for kebabs.  Starting with a thorough survey,  we modelled the trailer & its existing internal provisions, along with rough representations of all the equipment required.  Next we sat down with the client to work out the most efficient workflow/packaging balance.  Unfortunately it quickly became apparent that none of the existing internal accoutrements were suitable.  So we removed all of the existing trailer internals, leaving an empty box before getting to work on the layout.  To maximise economy of space, fully fitted custom cabinetry & associated fabrications were the only option.  All work was carried out with the following key attributes in mind:


  1. Maximise storage
  2. Minimise wasted space
  3. Minimise cleaning burden through material selection & grime trap prevention

With the detailed design phase over, drawings packs completed, components manufactured, ancillary & fixings ordered it was
time to strip out the interior & get to work building the greatest catering trailer the world has ever seen!

Bespoke false ceiling featuring stainless cowl to cover up fryer extraction ducting, cabinetry, multi-piece Trespa work tops,
sinks, integrated tea urn & water boiler

Custom stainless covers for gas/water
pipes & boiler flue

Completely bespoke tea urn stand, & cup stand featuring removable
grating & gravity drain to sink

Whilst performing our survey we found that the side walls were not square with the ends of the trailer, so to ensure a perfect
fit we incorporated a round worktop joint. This enabled us to build the two mating sections of cabinetry separately, slide them
together so the joint butted together, & rotate the servery cabinetry around to meet the hatch wall for a perfect fit.

Finished servery counter fitted in place, incorporating recessed bain-marie & modified cold servery

The cold servery was originally intended to be surface mounted.
Since our client wanted it recessed for both neatness & to facilitate
cleaning, we modified it by relocating the power switch & display
panel from the front to the top cover

To compensate for the lack of air flow available to
the cold servery’s internal heat exchanger we
incorporated a powered ventilation system. This
runs whenever the servery is operating

Hot end of the trailer, featuring twin basket fryer, chip scuttle, two Doner
machines, & two separate griddles to facilitate vegan options. Two
separate custom extraction systems were also included

Custom fryer bung to alleviate the needs
to both drain the fryer for transport &
keep detritus out when not in use

Custom chip scuttle drain-back plate
prevents oil from the chip baskets
dribbling over the work top & down the
side of the fryer

Fryer bung in stowed position, plus all fire equipment & tissue/wrap

Griddle detail. Custom stainless griddle bay designed to be assembled
with no protruding fasteners, gas pipe pass-throughs & ample access all
around to facilitate cleaning. Removable custom chicken kebab warming
rack & cantilevered gastronorm/utensil holder on front of large griddle

Surface-mounted Doner cutter &
corresponding power supply
accommodated using custom wall
mounted bracketry

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